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  • The New Dorsa Mercedes completely repeats the design of the six-wheeled model.
  • Engines are switched on by pressing a button located on the dashboard
  • The gas and brake are combined in one pedal: when pressed, the car rides, when released, it brakes
  • Smoothly speeds up to 8 km/h
  • An automatic gearbox operates from the passenger compartment
  • One of the speeds is set from the remote control: slow (up to 3 km/ h) and fast (up to 8 km/ h)
  • Switching the direction of movement is done by a button on the instrument panel
  • Two 12V7Ah batteries are safely hidden from children
  • The battery indicator is located to the right of the steering wheel and the current charge level is displayed
  • The headlights and taillights are designed for the best visibility of the electric vehicle by other road users
  • The audio radio is equipped with USB and SD connectors, to which digital media with pre-recorded melodies are connected, as well as an FM radio for listening to your favorite radio stations
  • The handle extends in front, for which the electric vehicle is transported according to the principle of a travel suitcase
  • The durable body is made of plastic and complemented by a metal frame
  • It works up to 1.5 hours on a single charge. Charging is carried out within 8-10 hours,
  • Item dimensions : 130 x 66 x 56.5 cm
  • Recommended age : 3 – 7 years

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Ride on Car

Your kids learn to use their legs on “kick ride-on” cars while holding and maneuvering the steering. Some ride-on cars have buttons, switches, and even functional doors, which all teach your kids about how to use their arms, legs, hands, and feet to engage with the toy in various ways

Play is incredibly important for kids, and as parents, we must give them every opportunity to learn from their playtime. Kids ride-on cars are one of the best toys your kids can have because it promotes physical activity, mental development, and plenty of learning opportunities.

If your kid doesn’t have a ride-on car, we highly recommend one for their next birthday or Christmas. They will love and enjoy them to no end and develop skills, confidence, and muscles without ever knowing how they did it.


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