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Olsenmark Electric Bug Killer 2x15w tubes 1×6 OMBK1797

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EFFECTIVE INSECT KILLER – This bug zapper uses an ultraviolet bulb that attracts all pesky flying insects into the fly zapper. The high-voltage grids will immediately electrocute mosquitoes upon contact by the physical way. No longer exposed to chemicals, radiation, or odour. works well on flying insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, bugs, and so on. The product is a non-chemical volatilization principle, so can’t take effect immediately like mosquito-repellent incense.

SAFE AND CHEMICAL-FREE – Insects are attracted and easily killed by the high voltage metal grids, keeping your home free of chemical sprays. A mesh screen protects you and your family, preventing accidental contact with the electrical grid. Non-toxic, non-radiative, green, and safe for human beings, especially for babies and pregnant women.

GREAT FOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL USE – This versatile bug zapper works great for any building such as homes, factories, warehouses, restaurants, and more and is very easy to use, simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet and the unit will begin to attract bugs with its UV light. Don’t worry about clogs, it is very easy to clean, additionally, it kills more insects than chemical products.

HANG OR STAND – Olsenmark Home indoor insect zapper is designed to thin and modern with a non-clogging and non-rust metal grid. It can be placed on a flat surface or hung with the accompanying chain attaching to the hooks on the top of the zapper.

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