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Geepas GDI7729 Dry Iron/Nnstk GldnTeflon Plate 1000W1x8


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  • HIGH-CLASS IRON WITH 60 MICRON TEFLON SOLEPLATE – This Iron box is built with high quality, durable material, and non-stick coating. Its lightweight heats quickly and fast & smooth ironing tough jeans and hard linen fabric instantly.
  • COMES WITH FABRIC GUIDE & PILOT LAMP INDICATOR – The Geepas Iron Box providing the fabric guide for your various cloth collection and select the required cloth type to avoid overheating & damage to your cloth.
  • OVERHEATING SAFE AND AUTOMATIC POWER CUT OFF – This Iron Box is safe as it is anti-overheating while you are busy in some other work so it will cut off the power once it reaches the required temperature.
  • EASY HEAL REST & CORD WRAP FACILITY – Heavy weight dry Iron box is designed for the stable rest while using and once work is done you can wrap the cord to handle to prevent clutter.
  • ANTI-SHOCK HANDLE & THERMOSTAT PILOT LAMP – The Iron Box is designed with a shock-resistant high durable handle which is very much comfortable while you are using and is heated resistant. This iron box has the thermostat function which will maintain the desired temperature if it cooldowns.

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506 in stock

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Geepas GDI7729 Dry Iron/Nnstk GldnTeflon Plate 1000W1x8

About this item
1. Heavy Weight Iron for better Ironing – This Non-stick Iron Box particularly makes ironing better and easier. As the iron is powerful and quickly heats so there are is no need to apply extra force while ironing thereby saves time and effort.
2. Overheat Protection with Gold Plated Sole Plate – This iron box will turn off once it reaches the desired temperature and avoids fabric burning and also saves money. Maintain the temperature as required or the type of fabric you have selected.
3. Anti-Shock and Anti-sticky – The iron box handle comes with shock proof and also equipped with a 360-degree swivel cord which makes it easy to control the heat settings for different materials. And it non sticky too and easy to clean.
4. Big Fabric Guide for Temperature Setting Dial – This iron box has inbuilt guide from which you can select fabric type while ironing to make it smooth and easier. Easy to set the temperature with just gentle move to the dial to the desired temperature.
5. Auto Cut-Off – This geepas iron box gets off automatically as it reaches to the desired temperature and to avoid burning clothes and energy wastage.
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