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Geepas 90x60FulSafty GasCookngRnge/CastIron/fan GCR9077FTCST


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Geepas offers a wide variety of kitchen appliances to meet all of your cooking needs, be it grilling, baking, or just plain cooking. This highly innovative product combines the most modern and streamlined aspects and unique and safe features to make your kitchen a real pleasure. Different kitchen models have features such as high-performance burners, gas ovens, grills and an elegant finish that adds new charm to your kitchen.
The powerful convection cooking system circulates hot air over, under and around, providing the ideal temperature and airflow for quick preheating and even cooking helps eliminate cold spots to ensure even cooking as the entire oven including the walls and racks is on the correct temperature is heated temperature. A sturdy, fuel-efficient brass burner with a large capacity.
Easy to clean and maintain, long-lasting. A large oven for easy preparation of almost any food, no matter how big it is. Helps to evenly distribute the heat in the kitchen for cooking for better baking results. The hot air seals the outside surface of the grilled food to make it juicier. Perfect for parties, professional chefs or home use as it can be the kitchen companion for making various delicious dishes.

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146 in stock

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Geepas 90x60FulSafty GasCookngRnge/CastIron/fan GCR9077FTCST

  • 5 POWERFUL SABAF BURNERS – This Geepas 90×60 gas cooker has a 5 Euro pool burner Italy Sabaf high-performance sealing burner. All 5 burners have a high capacity BTU burner. These multiple powerful burners can meet your different cooking needs. Durable and easy to separate. For easy cleaning with gas, it has a SABAFF burner that allows for even distribution of the flame and ensures homogeneous cooking.
  • COOK HEALTHY DISHES – The Geepas range of kitchens has an oven that cook’s food with less oil and preserves the nutrients and taste of the food. The thick glass window and the handle of the oven door stay cool while the oven is heating up. High-quality Italian burners, handcrafted with premium alloy for efficient and clean flame. Perfect for roasting, grilling chicken, beef, vegetable, defrost easily.
  • ENJOY ROTISSERIE AND GRILLING – The oven has a thick glass door. A tray, two lamps, a fan and the thermostat continue to regulate the temperature during baking, grilling, grilling. The stove comes with a deep pan, a grid and a double grid. you can enjoy a variety of dishes in your home. Enjoy cooking a variety of dishes, never be bored in your kitchen.
  • MODERN EUROPEAN DESIGN – Range design blends seamlessly with other stainless steel kitchen appliances for modern home makeovers. Made of corrosion-resistant 304-grade stainless steel, heavy-duty cast-iron grates for heat retention and distribution, and fingerprint/smudge resistant finish easily wipes clean.
  • AUTO IGNITION with TIMER – The Auto Ignition cooking range gives you the facility to start the flame without a lighter. You have to rotate the knob. With Spark Technology, you will get a smooth and a similar flame. The cooktop continuously checks for movement with its manual timer and when it notices that the time is set, it will shut it off automatically. The good news is that you can modify this setting and choose a time frame that suits you manually.
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