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The strongest LED torches and batteries

Choose your LED torch or other high-quality torches on Arab Deals. We carry an extensive assortment of torches we have thoroughly tested. You will find the ideal torch for outdoor enthusiasts, survival, hunting, or professional use here.

LED torches have become the staple modern torch. They are energy-saving and almost always have several light settings. Some lights are equipped with additional functions like a strobe mode or an emergency signal function.

Rechargeable torch with battery

Modern torches come with a rechargeable battery. These can be separate rechargeable batteries or an integrated battery in the torch. Arab Deals sells Eden 18650 batteries that perform extremely well.

Other torches

Whether you are looking for a professional Fenix torch, a rechargeable NiteCore torch, a traditional Maglite torch or a Princeton Tec headlight, we sell them all. If you want to know which torches have the highest light output, you can find test reports on our information page.