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Extension leads and cable reels

One of the things you can’t easily change is the location of your power source and sometimes they just aren’t where we need them to be. That’s when extension leads, and cable reels come in handy; giving you the flexibility you need to power lights, appliances, and other electrical gadgets with ease. Browse our range to find the right extension accessories to suit your needs.

The best extension leads 

Our range includes an array of options with different cable lengths and sockets available, so you can be sure to find one that’s perfect for you and your needs. 1m extension leads are perfect if you aren’t in need of much extra length but could do with the extra slots. 5m extension leads and 10m extension leads allow you to plug in and get anywhere you need – especially useful for DIY jobs around the house or garden.

The best cable reels

Cable reels are the perfect option for providing electrical power inside of the home as well as outside. Check out our Masterplug cable reels to find 10m extension leads all way up to a whopping 30-50 meters! So, you can power your vacuum cleaner to easily hoover your car, plug in your pressure washer, power up your sound system outside and so much more.

More electrical adapters and socket accessories

Meanwhile, power adapters are another handy at-home essential to help us make sure we can always stay connected. Power adapters can also come with additional electrical surge protection, which is a great idea to help protect computers and other valuable electrical items.

If you’re making some updates to your décor, you might want to change the look of your plug sockets and we can also help here, with a variety of styles and shades to choose from. The same goes for light switches; choose from clean and simple white, black nickel or sleek brushed stainless steel.