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Desktop Computer for Sale in Qatar

Are you looking for the best price gaming and office computers or personal computers buy online in Qatar? If you’re looking for a powerful desktop PC that not only looks great but also operates brilliantly then you’ve come to the right place. Our desktops are an ideal addition to any situation where immediate portability isn’t a requirement – Whether you’re after a family computer you can all share, a PC that would make working from home more comfortable or maybe you’re after one with amazing visual features and ample memory space for entertainment and gaming, we’ve got it all.

Gaming PC Qatar

Are you looking for gaming pc qatar? shop on Arab deals gaming pc qatar, best offers and deals every day The great thing about our desktops is that they can be customizable and some elect to upgrade the component parts individually or choose custom builds, manufacturers offer whole packages with suitable specs for a range of budgets.

So, whether you’re looking to get your first desktop, or maybe you’re after a specific set of specs or simply want a general upgrade to your existing machine, check out our incredible range to find what’s right for you; whether you need a new PC monitor for better visuals or you’re after a whole upgrade and would like a new PC keyboard and mouse, we’ve got you covered.

Desktop Computer Price in Qatar

When it comes to great quality and working power, you can count on our selection of top brands to deliver. We have all the leading brands including HP desktops, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and gaming specialists like MSI, Cyberpower, Corsair and Stormforce. And for the media enthusiast, we’ve got a great range of Apple’s iMac computers for you to browse. Fully compatible with special software and creative suites that are perfect for video editors, musicians and artists.

The world of computing can be a little overwhelming at first so if you need a little help and guidance on what features are right for you then our computing guides can help you.

Tower PCs and all in ones

Whether you go for a desktop tower or an all-in-one PC depends on a number of factors. The advantages of an all-in-one PC over tower PCs are that they take up less space, they are more portable, they can be touch screen and they are very easy to set up. qatar gaming pc, The advantage of a tower PC is that you can customize and upgrade the individual components, including the monitor.


The central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of your computer. When choosing a CPU there are two main features to note – the number of cores and the clock speed. Multiple cores allow multiple tasks to be performed at once. cheapest gaming pc in qatar, All modern CPUs are at least dual-core and those who demand more from their machine can purchase quad-core, hex-core, octa-core and all the way up to 16 cores. A faster clock speed means the CPU can process instructions faster. When looking at the options, the basic knowledge you need to understand the model names of CPUs is that higher numbers are generally more powerful and more expensive.


Random-access memory (RAM) is the storage area for information that the computer needs to access quickly and often. Known as a computer’s short-term memory, it is also temporary, and information is lost when it loses power (i.e your computer turns off). gaming pc for sale in qatar, Having a decent amount of RAM is needed for your computer to run smoothly and not having enough is very noticeable. For most users, there’s no need or benefit to going overboard. Currently, for standard use, 4GB is the minimum, whilst having 8GB ensures smooth performance. High-end gaming and demanding productivity tasks will often require more.


Aside from RAM, information is stored in a hard drive. There are two main types – hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs). SSDs are newer, sacrificing capacity for speed. HDDs are older and, although give access to huge amounts of storage, retrieve information more slowly. Both function without issue and your choice will depend on your budget, preference, and requirements. For backing up or transporting files, it’s always a good idea to have a USB stick or external hard drive to hand so you never risk losing your important information.

Graphics cards 

Unless you’re planning to use your desktop for visually demanding tasks such as gaming or video editing, a good graphics card or graphics processing unit (GPU) is not necessary to prioritize. For those who are, the GPU is very important for performance. gaming desktop price in qatar, Games all state minimum requirements which you should aim to exceed by some margin, in order to ensure longevity for your purchase. NVIDIA and AMD are the main manufacturers, though Intel intends to release a GPU in 2020.


Of course, a computer on its own is limited in use. A range of accessories are available – some are mandatory and some simply to enhance your experience. Mandatory are computer cables to plug in all your components, you may also want to improve your set up with a PC monitor stand to make sure the center of your screen is eye-level, a mouse mat to reduce cursor inaccuracies and some speakers or a headset for audio elevation.